CenturyLink Health and Life Benefits

  01 February 2014


Use these links to access your benefits online.


 General overview and information.


 Health Care and/or Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts and your Commuter Spending Account through a link to Your Spending Account (YSA) Web site.


View Your Retirement Plan Account 401(k) 


 Old Qwest QSIP 401(k)


Pension information is available with a new look and enhanced retirement planning tools

You may speak to a CenturyLink Service Center representative by calling 1-800-729-7526 and following the phone prompts.


CenturyLink Disability Services

(800) 729-7526 Options 1,4

CenturyLink Employee Assitance Program

(800) 803-3737
Another way to stay healthy is by limiting the stress in your life. That's where the Employee Assistance Program can help.


MDLIVE is a new health benefit which allows you to visit with a local board-certified doctors and licensed therapists by online video or phone at anytime, from practically anywhere.



CenturyLink Well Connected

(877) 818-5826
Employee Wellness & Rewards Program

United Healthcare

(800) 782-9883
CDHP & Flexible Spending Account


Optum Rx

(855) 842-6337
Prescription Coverage

Vision Service Plan

(800) 877-7195

MetLife Dental

(800) 942-0854



CenturyLink Tuition Center (Pathways)

(800) 345-7284

CenturyLink Employee Stock Purchase





You may speak to a CenturyLink Service Center representative by calling 1-800-729-7526 and following the phone prompts.


  • Comment Link Local 7200 Local 7200 - 18 August 2014

    I'll forward the question on. You can also contact the local here: http://cwa7200.org/index.php/executive-board/executive-board-members or call 612.722.7200

  • Comment Link Ellle Nein - 06 August 2014

    I still am waiting for reimbursement for our health care premiums starting from May 2014. Both my husband and I are retirees and since CL seems to think that makes us one person, and we are wanting a check instead of direct deposit, they can't get their s**t together. We both mailed in our payments to Medica when we got the first billing and I know they had the tapes sent to CL from Medica on 6-12-2014. I have spoken with 3 different incompetent folks at YSA (a CL flunkie group who have no way of fixing things, just are expert at making excuses) and they open "cases" that go nowhere. We are now 4 months into payments with no reimbursements. I suspect we are not the only ones. I am not getting any resolution (or money either). We each send 150.40 per month to Medica and they faithfully send info to YSA to reimburse but either CL has no money or they cannot get their ducks in a row. Duck soup???? Am I the only one? Or are others getting the same shaft? I retired in 1999 after 33 years in the saltmines. Mr Terry Nein retired earlier than I did but since his birthday comes first, supposedly the check will come to him. Ha ha, so where is my money. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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