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The 2015 Pre-Medicare Health Care Rates

Attached is documentation from Legacy Qwest on how the 2015 Pre- Medicare Health Care rates were determined. As you can see the cost of health care continues to rise and the pool of the insured has decreased over the prior 3 years. This information along with the fact that the Retiree Cost Caps have remained the same provides for higher premiums.

The information below has tiered enrollment for the Pre-65 Occ plans for 2012, 2013, and 2014.


Pre Medicare Retiree Incorrect Letter

Pre Medicare Retiree (R-12)

Aon-Hewitt sent an incorrect letter to Pre-Medicare LQ Occupational Retirees regarding Medical Plan Changes for 2015. Unfortunately, they included some LQ Occupational non-Medicare retirees within the mailing list that was intended for Legacy CenturyLink non-Medicare retirees. Aon-Hewitt will be identifying the group who received the letter in error and sending an apology letter or email ASAP. They will also put a message on the phone system so that if a retiree who received the wrong letter calls the Service Center, they will get a message that the letter was sent to them in error.